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Welcome to Saugus Union School District

Child Development Programs

Welcome to the Saugus Union School District Child Development Programs (CDP). Our goal is to serve families who need after school child care for their elementary school students and/or preschool for their three and four year old children. We are dedicated to providing an enriching, safe, and nurturing environment and to helping all children feel successful.

Saugus Union School District has moved to a convenient, mobile-friendly, online tool to register and manage your child care account from any device, including your smartphone or tablet. 

Ready to begin? Create or log into your Eleyo profile here:  Login / Create an Eleyo Profile

After you create your Eleyo profile/login, locate your Program below

Expanded Learning Programs

We offer an Expanded Learning Program for students in TK-6th grade at all of our elementary school sites for all 180 school days from dismissal time until 6:00 PM. Our after school and intercession programs extend students' learning through a variety of high quality activities and enrichment focused on developing leadership, grade level academics, nutrition, physical education, and youth voice and choice as part of our alignment to the CDE's Quality Standards for Expanded Learning. 

Early Learning Programs

We offer developmentally-based pre-academic programs for 3 and 4 year old children that promote children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in preparation for elementary school. Our programs focus on the CDE's Preschool Learning Foundations.

After School Enrichment

We offer a variety of enrichment courses at all 15 school sites for students in TK-6th grade. These courses may include sports, science, visual and performing arts, coding, language learning, dance, etc. Enrichment sessions last 8 weeks and are offered  in the Fall and Spring. Registration information is sent out via Parent Square prior to each session.

Expanded Learning Programs

Families that wish to be on our 2023-2024 CDP After School Program waitlist should contact our office at 661-294-5300 ext 10185.  Waitlists are only valid for the current school year. Open Registration for the 2024-2025 will begin on Monday March 4, 2024 at 5:00pm. (2024-25 After School Registration will be closed from April 8-29 during Summer STEAM Registration).

  • Prior to submitting a contract request, you will need to create an ELEYO profile if you do not already have one 

  • Submitting a contract does not guarantee enrollment. Pending contracts will remain on the waitlist until space becomes available.

  • Contracts will be reviewed by May 15th. If your contract is still in a pending status, your contract will remain on our waitlist until space is available.

Per California Ed Code Section 46120(b)(1)(B) and 46120 (b)(1)(C), SUSD provides at least 30 non-school expanded learning opportunities for our unduplicated students, for no less than 9 hours each day. For 2023-24, the days are as follows: July 5,6,7,10,11,12,13,14; October 2,3,4,5,6; November 15; March 29; April 1,2,3,4,5; June 13,14, 17,18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.

Early Learning Programs

Interested families may submit a waitlist application online through ELEYO. Please create an ELEYO account, then proceed to submit a waitlist application. Applications will be reviewed and eligible families will be contacted to complete the registration process. 

Open Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will begin on April 15, 2024 at 5:00pm.

Please call 661-294-5311 for more information.

After School Enrichment

Registration for Spring Enrichment Classes at the school sites is now closed. Our next season will be Fall Enrichment.

Please refer to the Parent Square notifications for additional information. 

Please note that all registrations and payments are final once enrolled in the class. Students may initially only enroll in one class at their enrolled school.